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Greenwashing nonsense of the week

Greenwashing nonsense of the week: a ‘celebrity endorsed campaign’ from holiday company TUI, to get people to pack lighter suitcases when they fly on holiday.

According to the company’s research, half of us don’t think about the environment at all as we pack our suitcases. Consequently, we carry far more than we need to, and that extra weight means the plane uses more fuel.

If we only packed what we needed, we’d save 7,537 tonnes of CO2 a year! That’s equivalent to taking 2,216 family cars off the road!

To put TUI’s figures in perspective, there are 31 million cars in the UK, and our total carbon emissions are somewhere around 620 million tonnes. But perhaps if TUI can persuade customers that they’re saving the earth by packing less, they’ll forget that the single best thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint is to stop flying.

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