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The ten most resilient and least resilient places in Britain

The BBC is running a story today describing which ten places in Britain are most resilient to the budget cuts, and which are the most vulnerable. The study was run by Experian and measures 33 different resilience variables, such as level of wages and skills, crime, house prices, number of benefit claimants, business startup and insolvency rates and so on.

It’s notable that all ten of the most vulnerable are in the North of the country and the Midlands, and the ten least affected are all in the South. Out of curiosity, I also ran through the election results. Sure enough, the ten least vulnerable places all voted Conservative, while eight out of the ten most vulnerable voted Labour (Redcar and Burnley are Lib Dem).  What does that tell you about the state of our politics?

Here’s the top ten most vulnerable places:

  1. Middlesborough
  2. Mansfield
  3. Stoke-on-Trent
  4. Sandwell (West Midlands)
  5. Kingston upon Hull
  6. Redcar and Cleveland
  7. Barrow-in-Furness
  8. Ashfield (Nottinghamshire)
  9. Hartlepool
  10. Walsall

And the ten most resilient:

  1. Elmbridge (Surrey)
  2. St Albans
  3. Waverley (Surrey)
  4. Richmond upon Thames
  5. Mole Valley (Surrey)
  6. Hart (Hampshire)
  7. Horsham (Sussex)
  8. Surrey Heath
  9. Chiltern (Buckinghamshire)
  10. South Cambridgeshire

See where your community comes in the rankings here.

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