Collapse: the year’s most depressing movie?

The other week I saw The Age of Stupid again. I think it’s a great film, but it left some members of the audience deeply depressed. I dread to think what this film might do to them. Collapse gives a voice to Michael Ruppert, a thinker and journalist who believes our modern way of life is on the brink. He correctly predicted the economic meltdown, and foresees far worse in the end of oil.

For maximum effect, the interview is filmed in what looks like a bunker, with Ruppert smoking throughout. It’s almost a parody of the doom-mongering documentary. Or maybe that’s the point, and director Chris Smith is toying with the idea of conspiracy theories and end-of-the-world narratives.

No doubt there are serious points made in the film, but is this the best way to make them? Is this the most hard-hitting social documentary of them all, or the point at which the genre tips over into irrelevance?

Here’s the trailer:

And here’s a clip on oil:


  1. It may be depressing, but he’s right. We have to change the way we produce food, the economy can’t work forever. I’m with Mark Boyle, the moneyless man, we need radical change, but it’s unlikely to happen.

    1. I agree, he’s probably right on a lot of what the film is suggesting, it’s the whole tone of it that I find unsettling. It’s being advertised with the line “an intellectual horror film”, which seems to almost be enjoying the prospect of impending doom.

      I’m reminded of Philip Pullman suggestion that people know the ‘we’re all doomed’ story and have chosen not to engage with it, no matter how stylishly it’s portrayed. As he puts it, “environmentalists need better stories”.

  2. Thank you Jeremy.

    Our race is passing through a rare World Age Shift, foretold long ago by many indigenous cultures, deep spiritual truth and known to leading edge physicists, scientists and world changing luminaries.

    The truth is like a dam with a hole in it now. That finger in that hole, is slowly withdrawn as people see through the illusion that we are NOT separate from Love, or from one another, other life forms, Earth, Infinite Light, God, Spirit Consciousness, Creator or other Name.

    When humans align with the fundamental nature of Infinite Light or God, which is unity, compassion, cooperation, unconditional love, the only true Power is liberated to restore harmony and bring us HOME. In the absence of Love, we own the outcome.

    My Blog 09.30.10 entitled ‘United Nations, Vatican, Media and UFOs’, addresses this. Here’s the link.

    It is no longer acceptable for a % of the world to live well, while tens of thousands of people die from disease and starvation, war is no longer an option. Economic models that place profit before Earth, people, nature and our Creator are no longer sustainable.

    Humanity is in perturbation, like caterpillar in a chrysalis. It’s time to unite and return to Love. End the blame game, end conflict and support one another, as debris from the past transforms to make way for divine destiny, where a burdened human past cannot follow.

    Be the Love you naturally are. See through the illusions of separation, powerlessness, fear, scarcity. Everything humans need to pass through this Shift victoriously are within us; freewill choice and unconditional Love. I offer a free Guide to Align Shine Prosper at my website, to purify negative thoughts and e-motions as they arise within; to hold more Infinite Light and restore harmony in your life. As Ghandi said, ‘Be the change you wish to see in our world.’

    Blessings and love to all!
    Doreen Agostino, CEO
    Align Shine Prosper Inc.

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