What we learned this week

This week, three very different feature articles that have a few things in common: they’re all a little long, they’re all beautifully written in their own way, and they’re all well worth taking the time to enjoy. Perfect weekend browsing in my opinion. Make a cup of coffee, sit down and take your pick.

  • “The ants build civilisations in the dirt. Their histories are epics that unfold on picnic grounds.” Biologist and world ant expert E O Wilson interviewed in Intelligent Life.
  • “It was inevitable that Obama’s transcendent campaign would give way to an earthbound presidency”, writes Tom Dickinson in Rolling Stone, but that doesn’t mean he’s been a failure. The Case for Obama presents a pretty hefty list of achievements so far.
  • “Is it a high-tech bike or a low-tech car?” I don’t know, but the velomobile is possibly the most efficient form of transport ever invented, and is celebrated in this article from Low-Tech magazine.

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