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Tim Jackson on economics fit for purpose

Tim Jackson’s talk from this summer’s TED conference was posted this month. Jackson is the author of Prosperity Without Growth, which was my favourite book last year. His talk here steers away from his usual topic of the limits to growth and addresses the overall aims of our economy. What is a meaningful sense of prosperity anyway?

In our drive for novelty and growth “we have created economies that systematically privilege one narrow quadrant of the human soul, and left the others unregarded.” Moving beyond growth, he concludes, is about creating an economics fit for purpose, an economics that honours “a more credible, more robust, and more realistic vision of what it means to be human.”

HT Rob for the link.


  1. Ah yes! If only we could be human! I know the problems well, How do we change ourselves and the system without mayhem—unemployment, disease, famine, etc etc. Who changes the rules and what drives this? The state? It hasn’t the knowledge or power. The PROCESS of change is much much more difficult than you suggest.

    1. Nobody is suggesting it’s easy Angela! It’s a difficult, slow, and never finished work. But we created the economy that we have now, and we can create other ones. There’s nothing inevitable about what we currently have.

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