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The 17 new national temperature records in 2010

Thanks to Climate Central for this visual update on the number of temperature records this year, the hottest year so far.

For the benefit of European readers, let me put those in Celsius:

  • Ascension Islands – 34.8C
  • Solomon Islands – 36.1C
  • Finland – 37.2C
  • Belarus – 38.8C
  • Ukraine – 41.2C
  • Colombia – 42.2C
  • Russia – 44C
  • Cyprus – 46.6C
  • Myanmar – 47C
  • Chad – 47.6C
  • Niger – 48.2C
  • Qatar – 50.3C
  • Saudi Arabia – 52C
  • Iraq – 52C
  • Kuwait – 52.6C
  • Pakistan – 53.5C

Pakistan’s new record is the fourth highest temperature ever, the winner still being Libya in 1922 at 57.8C (136F).

I find it hard to imagine this kind of heat. I grew up in Madagascar and it was hot, but Madagascar’s highest highs are still ten degrees Celsius off Pakistan’s. And the record in Britain is a comparatively shivery 38.1C (100.2F) from a heatwave in 2003.

The ideal temperature for a sauna is considered to be 85C.


  1. Thanks for putting it in metric. Only 3 countries in the world still use that other measuring system, so it is very handy.
    Amazing info that should worry people. Some of those temperatures are very high and would make life difficult for babies and elderly.

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