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Newsletters you’ll actually read

If you’re anything like me you get dozens of email newsletters from charities and websites, and I’ll bet half of them remain unread. They’re all well-meaning of course, but too many of them just aren’t quite interesting enough regularly enough.

I read the updates from groups that I really like, but most newsletters are just about the sender’s own work. Here are four that reach a little wider, and are well worth browsing. Got any recommendations of your own? What am I missing out on?

  • Share the World’s Resources are a small campaign group dedicated to ‘sustainable economics to end poverty’. The newsletter includes updates from their work and their writing, but also includes topical features and the best of everyone else’s research too. It’s monthly (roughly) and you can sign up here.
  • The Ecologist was my favourite print magazine until they went web-only a year or so back, but they’re still running top-drawer investigative journalism on environmental topics. In the absence of a new issue at the newsagents, the newsletter will have to do.
  • The Post Carbon Institute send out a very useful newsletter. It’s based around peak oil, but ventures off into community building and politics and economics. Most of the links are articles from their ‘Post Carbon fellows’, who are an inspiring bunch of writers and do-ers. Sign up here.
  • Transition Network News is a goldmine of good ideas. Obviously you’ll get more out of it if you’re involved in Transition Towns, but there are always little political tip-offs, book recommendations and advance notice of new documentaries and the like. Join the list here.

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