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Join the fish fight

Half of all the fish caught in the North Sea are thrown back dead. That’s not very sensible, considering we already overfish the area something chronic. Fish Fight is a campaign to put a stop to the Common Fisheries Policy guidelines that are responsible for that waste. It will be unveiled in detail in January, but you can join up today on their website.

It’s another campaign from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, the crusading chef who was behind the innovative Chicken Out and Landshare projects.


  1. its very bad us humans r messing up this plant we ant going to learn an tell its to late
    so sad ps grate job making people realise lets just hope we can do somthing

  2. great job hugh, watching the fish fight has made me have a big rethink about what fish i eat , no longer will i touch unsustainable tuna but i will no longer eat farmed salmon , thanks keep up the good work mate hope everyone else learns in the process

  3. Do the people making these fishing quota rules no what they are talking about – do they have proof that cod stocks are in decline? I was disgusted at the way Hugh F.W. was fobbed off so rudely by that woman at the EU hq in Brussels. An example of how we are all being trampled underfoot by officialdon! (not to say that I agree with the way students protested)
    I will certainly have look at Tesco’s tuna labelling and will not be buying farmed salmon in future although one of the farms which Hugh visited seemed so much better than the huge enterprise where the fish were fed on anchovies. As for the outfit in Ghana, words fail me . Adnired the girls from Greenpeace but will their investigation have any effect on the fate of turtles, rays and dolphins?
    Congratulations to Hugh et al on their brave efforts which I sincerely hope will eventually cause improvement to the present sensless situation of discards and also encourage us to diversify in our fish eating habits!

  4. Give the fishermen the right to a living and as they have suggested – allow them to catch fish for say three days per week but keep the whole of their catch. The boat’s size will regulate the size of their catch.

    All MP’s should have a week as a fisherman and find out what the life and it’s hardships are like to experience.

  5. With people in the world starving there is just one word to describe the terrible waste of fish,DISGRACEFUL.

  6. I just could not believe what I was seeing on the television,what a waste,good for you HFW for showing what is really happening in our waters.

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