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Schumacher College offers new MA in Economics for Transition

I often wonder if I should pursue an MA at some point and actually study some economics properly. I never get very far, mainly because it costs a fortune and partly because I haven’t seen a course that really catches my eye. (Human Ecology at Strathclyde being an exception) However, after making some enquiries recently I did get the chance to help design the kind of course I would love to take. Since it’s now ready and inviting applications, I thought I’d give it a plug.

Schumacher College has been developing a new sustainable economics MA, in partnership with NEF and the Transition Network. After some discussion, it’s going under the name Economics in Transition, and it’s all about “creating an economic system fit for the ecological, social, economic and spiritual challenges of the 21st century as we make the great transition to low carbon, high well-being and resilient economies.”

Doesn’t that sound great?

It’s the first course like it in the world, and the list of teachers and visiting professors reads, well, quite like the bookshelf in my office really. Course topics include oil depletion and the credit crunch, transition initiatives, climate change, and post-growth economics.

It’s a one year course, full time, and you can find out all the details here.


    1. Yes, I met some people from the college at an event, and registered my interest in the MA. There were a series of surveys as the course was put together, including deciding what it should be called.

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