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100 places to go before they disappear

Here’s a book title that defines the relationship between consumerism and climate change. It lists 100 places at risk from climate change, from Hudson Bay to the Maldives, while suggesting you should fly there to see them before they vanish.


There’s even a foreword from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, which says “We simply have to act individually and collectively to reduce our impact on the world.” Great, except that the Metro’s profile of the book this morning says “now is the time to call your travel agent.”

Doesn’t that just define our attitude to the climate? Even as we acknowledge the reality of climate change by recognising that these places are disappearing, we deny our responsibility in that disappearance by encouraging each other to fly there and see them before they’re gone. Little wonder it’s being released on April 1st.

I say it’s a bad book title, rather than book, because it looks like something’s gone a little wrong here. The book appears to be from the 100 places project. There, previous editions and an exhibition are called ‘100 places to remember before they disappear’, which makes more sense.  By renaming it ‘100 Places to go before they disappear’, somebody’s made a pretty stupid editorial decision.


  1. ’100 places to remember before they disappear’
    thats a good title.
    The current one is wrong. Its promoting more destruction.

  2. Easy there. People are going to travel regardless. Traveling is not the problem. It’s a net positive thing for people to go out and experience different and explore natural treasures. What a shame it would be to miss out on experiencing these fine places. People can visit these places and fight for clean energy simultaneously.

    1. Travelling is just as much a part of the problem as energy. If I were to fly on holiday to Australia, that return flight would double my carbon footprint for this year. We have to fight for clean energy and clean transport together.
      Yes, people are still going to travel, and travel is an enriching experience – but the idea of flying visits isn’t sustainable. My personal recommendation for those with the travel bug is to take longer trips less frequently. Forget the tick-box attitude that this book advocates, of ‘doing’ thailand or wherever, and get out and have a genuine adventure.

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