What we learned this week

  • Oliver Moore has a great two parter on peak phosphorus –pt 1, pt 2.
  • The makers of Surf and Ariel washing powder have been fined for price collusion. Just proves what Shakespeare said in Hamlet, “a company may put babies and butterflies on its packaging, and be a villain.”
  • I’d be more productive if I thought harder about what I’m writing before I start. I tidied up my drafts folder this week and realised I probably discard about three posts a week. If I can’t back up what I’m saying, or if I read it back and it sounds like whining, I don’t post it – but I really ought to learn to spot those before I waste my time.

1 comment

  1. Jeremy,

    Some would argue that writing is an advanced form of thinking, so you can’t know that it will suck until you go through that thinking/writing process.

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