Prima magazine tips for the economy

A few weeks ago I reviewed Smile or Die, Barbara Ehrenreich’s book on positive thinking. I can’t say I’ve really encountered the extremes of the phenomenon that she described, but I did find a couple of examples last week. After several days of kicking around a hospital ward I found myself browsing the latest edition of Prima magazine. In an article of tips to surviving financial hardship was the following choice piece of advice:

Be a money magnet: Our thoughts are energy that create our reality. So, if you want to attract more wealth into your life, the way you think is crucial. To change what you think, change what you say. This is where using affirmations – simple positive statements repeated regularly – can help. Try these: “I am now a money magnet!”; “I’m always finding money”; “I attract money wherever I go”.

Laugh if you will, but I did find a penny on the ground in the station car park on my way home. Here’s another:

Bring good luck into your home: Simple tactics to improve your money situation including keeping bathroom doors closed and loo seats down to prevent the leaking away of good chi (or energy)…. Add reds, yellows, greens and plants to the ‘wealth corner’ – the far left corner or room of your house (as calculated from the front door) – to stimulate the healthy growth and protection of finances.

I wonder if it works at the national level too. The government could put it in their next growth plan. We can start by cutting funding for public toilets and outlawing urinals. Being doorless, they must be wreaking havoc with our collective chi. And then we should re-forest Devon and Cornwall, and pay residents to paint their houses red or yellow. Devon and Cornwall is the nearest thing we have to a far left corner, surely?

Do that, and all that’s left is to encourage our politicians to make positive statements to change our reality. I suggest “I am a foreign investment magnet”, “Britain has a plan for growth”, and one that we’ve adopted already, “Britain is open for business”.

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