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Lobby your MP at Tea Time for Change

Here’s a neat opportunity to speak up for international development. Tea time for change is a mass lobbying event taking place on Thursday June 9th at Westminster Central Hall. It’s a chance to meet your MP, share a cup of tea, and talk to them about aid, the Robin Hood Tax, and tax havens. Most importantly, it’s about communicating to your member of parliament that international development matters to you, their constituent.

The event is organised by a coalition of partners including ActionAid, CAFOD and Oxfam, and will run from 11:30 to 4:00, with speakers and seminars and more. Details below, and check out the website for more information.


  1. Wait a minute! Tea time for change …did I hear that right? Does that sound a bit like …TEA PARTY?

  2. A Robbing Hood tax??? A tiny tax on the banks… “a crisis for the banks, an opportunity for the world”??? I guess it’s never occured to you that the banks, and every other institution, every other shop, every other business, will pass off the cost of doing business onto the consumer? Is the UK so delusional that it thinks business will just swallow production costs, eventually becoming unprofitable and closing? Have you learned nothing from the shipyard closings of the 60’s and 70’s?

    I guess it’s just a malady of liberal thought that the money supply from business is endless… just like they used to think about government (empty) coffers.

    The poor, poor, UK. How much charity can you afford to give when you yourself are dependent on it?

    1. Hi Jeff, why don’t you look up the Robin Hood Tax before you slate it? It’s a tax on monetary transfers. The amount of money changing hands is so colossal that one proposal worked out that we could raise £37 billion with a levy of just 0.05%.

      We both acknowledge that the deficit is a problem. £37 billion would do nicely, and the banks are hardly going to go into ‘crisis’ over 0.05%.

      This is a great idea that has been kicking around for decades. All it takes is a politician with the balls to make it happen.

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