What we learned this week

  • Republicans have declared a victory for freedom by voting through a ban on the US government promoting energy saving light bulbs. Last time I checked, the country had bigger problems to be talking about than the right to choose an inefficient light bulb.
  • More good news on fisheries as supermarkets, fishermen and environmental groups cooperate on making tuna catches sustainable in the Western Pacific.
  • Self-interest underpins both Darwinism and free market capitalism, but some scientists are now arguing that cooperation is a just as much a natural law. (Slightly longer article from the Harvard Business Review. Make a cup of coffee)


  1. Re light bulbs
    The amended Energy bill HR 2354 passed in house OK (w light bulb repeal amendment) still has to pass the Senate

    Still, there’s also a lot of local action…
    Updates on the 7 US state repeal bills http://ceolas.net/#li01inx
    (legislated Texas June 17th) and the Canadian Government’s 2014 delay plans…

    I would say that there are better ways to save energy than telling people what products they can use…

  2. There are also real doubts about the safety of energy efficient light bulbs. Each light bulb contains mercury, a powerful nerve toxin. It’s the stuff they used to put in thermometers and your mother told you not to go near it when it breaks. There are some real issues about the diposal of the bulbs.

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