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The Climate Reality Project

The Climate Reality Project is planning ’24 hours of reality’ on the 14th of September, aiming to set the record straight on climate change. See what you make of this:


I’m generally in favour of anything that sets the record straight on climate change, but I’ve got to say, I don’t hold out much hope for this project. For one thing, reality doesn’t account for much to a denier, and I use that word in the psychological sense. Denial is by definition a refusal to accept reality, so confronting people with more reality isn’t going to get you anywhere.

It’s also another ‘big event’ to raise awareness, along the lines of Earth Hour, Earth Day, Live Earth, etc. They’re fun for those who get involved, but I’m not sure they actually achieve very much.

Not least, the Climate Reality Project is an Al Gore initiative, as you will have noted if you’ve watched the video. The chances of it bringing people together are slim. He’s a divisive figure, as he inevitably will be as a politician in a hopelessly partisan country. Even without the climate change advocacy, he’d still be a hate figure for half the US population. It’s like asking Britain to unite as one around Gordon Brown.

If I were Al Gore, I think I’d produce these things from the background, using my contacts and reputation to draw funding and build partnerships – I’d let someone else front the thing, and I certainly wouldn’t appear in the promotional video. No matter how good or bad the 24 Hours of Reality event turns out to be, Gore’s presence predisposes a scornful response from the haters.

Still, I may well check out the new presentation. If it changes minds in the hundreds rather than the thousands or millions the organisers might be hoping for, it could still be worthwhile.

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  1. I have emailed them 9 times for a balance sheet because they ask for donations.All I want to know is where does my money go?I have never got an answer back.What doe`s that tell Ya.

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