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The climate change policy tracker

Here’s a neat online tool from Britain’s largest business lobbying group, the Confederation of British Industry. CBI has called for the government to take climate change seriously, and has developed the Climate Change Policy Tracker to illustrate progress in a snapshot view.

The tracker is divided into four categories: Power, transport, industry, and buildings. For each of them, progress is then ranked red, yellow or green at six monthly intervals. The full online version allows you to click through and subdivide those categories, and read about the specific policies behind the changes.

Obviously, whether the CBI is to be trusted on climate change is a moot point. Calling for action is one thing when it’s the government, and quite another when the government puts the ball back in their court. At the moment, CBI is lobbying for exemptions from carbon pricing for some of Britain’s heavy industries. You and I might not agree with some of their standards – this is very much set to their priorities.

So, this is a tool that’s best used for tracking business attitudes towards climate change, rather than overall progress towards a sustainable society. I’m linking to it mainly because it’s a great way of presenting the issues and seeing one in one glance how we’re getting on. Perhaps someone would like to offer a more objective version along similar lines…

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