What we learned this week

  • The government is planning to vote on a new law on tuesday to criminalise squatting. So if you’re homeless and you bunk down in a derelict and unused property for the night, you’ll now be breaking the law. If this offends you, there’s one day left to make some noise about it.
  • The annual Loebner prize comfirms once again that we’re nowhere near lifelike artificial intelligence just yet.


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  1. To learn these things is a remarkable and depressing part of the path into the growing turmoil.

    It is really astonishing that the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has remained silent about the attitude taken by St Paul’s: –


    “Friends of Rowan Williams say he is less than pleased with the way that St Paul’s has handled the Occupy London Stock Exchange protesters, particularly its decision to close the cathedral for the first time since the Blitz. His private sympathies lie more with the aspirations of those protesting against the economic status quo than the bureaucrats of St Paul’s.”

    As ever, when ‘money’ is the ‘numeraire’ reality proceeds towards genocide: –

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