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Feeding the five thousand

Two years ago anti-waste campaigners fed 5,000 people in London from food that was otherwise going to be thrown away. On friday they’re repeating the stunt – and you’re invited.

If you can get down to Trafalgar Square on Friday, 18th of November, between 12 and 2:00, lunch will be served. Better make that 12:00, as it’s first come first served.

There will be fresh food made from vegetables that were deemed too ugly to be sold, plus speakers, cooking demonstrations and plenty more.

The event is to highlight the ongoing scandal of food waste in the UK. Despite the rising price of food, the average British households still bins £5o worth of food every month. Add together the food wasted by households, supermarkets, or rejected by retailers at the farm gate, and we throw away around half of the country’s food. In a world with a billion hungry people, it’s a crazy situation to be in.

The good news is that according to the latest research from the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, the amount that households throw away has fallen in the last couple of years. Perhaps it’s the recession, perhaps it’s the awareness raising, but in 2007 we were chucking out 8 million tonnes a year, and that’s dropped to 7.2 million tonnes. Progress is being made.

To find out more about friday’s event, visit For the latest figures on food waste in the UK, see WRAP.


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