The Story of Broke

Why is there always money for the military, for banks and fossil fuels, but not for health or education? The Story of Stuff tackles taxation and perverse subsidies:


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  1. In an unpublished book that I wrote more than 10 years ago I am quoting Nietzsche:

    “There is nothing more terrifying than a barbaric uprising of a slave class, which learned to understand and see their condition as unjust, and now embarks on taking bloody revenge not only for themselves but for all previous generations who had lived in slavery. And who dares to bravely call upon our tired and pale religions in the face of such looming tempest, which themselves at their very foundation have mutated into intellectual religions, so that the Mythos, the necessary base of every faith, already is paralysed all and through. Even there the … spirit grew that we have just called our society’s seed of destruction…”

    I believe that we all have a seed of a “true spirit” within us that allows us to see what is right and what is wrong. I have yet to meet anyone who, in a direct personal discussion, does not agree on the impossibility of perpetual growth – and on the simple fact that it is quite unnecessary. Faith and/or or spirituality in the widest sense play a role. The world of stuff and finance, quite simply, create no meaning. They are meaningless. Hollow. Constantly new tricks are devised to manufacture artificial demand for things we don’t need and implant those nasty little worms in our brains in order to keep the circus running. But many, many of those slaves awaken and begin to understand… I only hope we find other solutions than the “bloody revenge” that Nietzsche described. But if we look at North Africa and the Middle East… The sheep start looking up.

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