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The second of today’s two new crowd-sourcing projects is, which aims to raise funds for innovative projects.

If you’ve got a good idea, a small business or a community project, you can register it and invite people to chip in to make it happen. Users can then browse projects and contribute, donating as little as £1 to help get them off the ground.

It’s not an investment site, as you’re not making  loan or expecting a return. Neither is it entirely a charity. It’s up to the projects to decide what kinds of rewards they want to offer to intice people to part with their spare cash. The money doesn’t leave your account until the project is fully funded, so if enough people are interested, it’ll happen, but you won’t lose out if it doesn’t.

This hybrid approach needs to be seen to be understood, so here are some examples:

  • The South Sudan Theatre Company has been invited to perform Shakespeare’s Cymbeline at the London Globe in May next year. It will take £12,000 to fund this cultural exchange with the world’s newest country. Your donation can buy you tickets to the performance, signed programmes, right through to a deluxe package that includes an opportunity to meet the cast.
  • Another project wants to open the first free-range chicken shop in London. A £10 donation will get you a free dinner, and a £10,000 donation gets you free chicken for life, with options in-between including t-shirts and trips to the chicken farm that will be supplying the birds.
  • A Scottish community-supported bakery wants to upgrade to a stone oven, and can pay you in bread. is another project from the rather prolific River Cottage and what must now be a considerable campaigns team, working with Forum for the Future. One wonders how Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall still has time for the day job of being a chef, in between the Chicken Out, Fish Fight, Landshare and Energy Share projects. But he certainly has a way of getting people together and this is another innovative campaign. The site launched in Beta this week and you can check it out here.

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