What we learned this week

  • One day every town will have an edible food forest. Here’s yours, Beacon Hills, Seattle.
  • Those hoping The Lorax was going to bring a child-friendly environmental messages to the cinema will be disappointed to hear it has 70 different commercial tie-ins, including Mazda. What would Dr Seuss say?
  • We were talking about ethical clothing in Transition Luton the other week, and noted that although there are plenty of ethical alternative clothing brands, underwear was harder to find and socks even more so. My friend Steve recommends Marko John’s Socks, handmade in Britain. Anyone else got a source of ethical socks?
  • March used to be the first month of the year, which makes it a good time to post this little educational video:


    1. Thanks, I knew about them but hadn’t found what I wanted before. But I see their range has expanded considerably since I last looked them up. Thanks for the reminder.

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