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Explore other kinds of wealth with the (En)Rich List

Everyone knows the Forbes rich list, the annual exercise in fawning over supremely wealthy people. Forbes only count financial wealth, and as we’ve discussed before, that’s a very limited definition.

So today see the launch of something with a very different angle: The (En)Rich List. Offering ‘a wealth of inspiration’, the list profiles 100 people who are contributing to a sustainable future. Instead of Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, the list is topped by E F Schumacher, followed by post-growth economist Herman Daly. The top ten includes the founder of Transition Towns, Rob Hopkins, and Bill Mollison, the ‘father of permaculture’.

“There are additional ways ‘richness’ can play out, be measured and be celebrated beyond how much material or monetary wealth an individual possesses” says Dr Donnie Maclurcan, Co-Director of the Post Growth Institute, who put the list together. “The people on this list represent wealth that cannot be defined by a dollar value.”

You can browse the full list here. I particularly like the fact that the list includes a ‘net worth’ figure, not in dollars, but in search results. It’s entirely arbitrary, and that’s the point. “”e use this simply to point out that we understand dollar figures to be an equally arbitrary measure” says the website.

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