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The Global Peace Index

Is the world more or less peaceful this year than last year? Which is the most peaceful country on earth, and the least? The answers to these and many other questions are found in this year’s Global Peace Index.

The index is compiled from 23 different indicators, including homicides, deaths from conflict, access to weapons and terrorism. The 2012 edition is the sixth, and for the first time Sub-Saharan Africa doesn’t come out as the most violent region – that’s gone to North Africa and the Middle East, as a consequence of the Arab Spring.

The video below has some highlights, including an estimate of the financial cost of violence and how much we’d stand to gain from a completely peaceful world. In case you’re wondering, the most peaceful country is Iceland, for the second year in the row. The least peaceful is Somalia. Overall, the world is more peaceful this year than in 2011.


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