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Harmony: a new way of looking at the world

Since royals normally spend their time making official appearances and waving at people, I find Prince Charles’ charity work and activism rather refreshing. Charles is a respected spokesman on the environment and social issues, and his work goes far beyond talk. He has pioneered organic agriculture and sustainable homes, set up the rainforest project and is president of one of Britain’s leading foundations for responsible business, all aside from his best-known work with young people through the Prince’s Trust.

Charles could well be king one day, and I suspect he would take that platform to extend his environmental ideas even further.
I hope so. I hope he gets the chance to reimagine the British monarch as someone who is socially useful rather than just a national master of ceremonies.  In the meantime, here’s a trailer for Harmony, a documentary that came out this summer that explores his work and environmental thinking. I haven’t seen it yet, or read his book, but I expect I’ll get round it eventually.


  1. He’s a little batty on a few issues (homeopathy), his social status can be an all too easy distraction for some people (like Gore’s wealth) and there are questions about how he has related to his mother’s government (with possible undue influence at certain points), but overall I admire his work and contribution.

    I also haven’t seen the doco, but would be happy to at some stage.

  2. I for one couldn’t be happier that the future King of England, as such a wonderfully insightful person, has this amazing platform to spread his holistic philosophy far and wide. I say his holistic philosophy but it is one that many of us share and I am just so greatful we have someone so prominant in the public eye from where he can actively spread real wisdom; wisdom that rarely gets aired to the masses.

  3. Yes, I wouldn’t want to endorse everything he stands for, but I wouldn’t want to let his more exotic points of view distract from his excellent contribution overall.

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