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Chasing ice

Chasing_Ice_UK_Quad_Poster_Dogwoof_400_300_85_sIt was good to see Chasing Ice included in the Oscar shortlist for best documentary recently. I haven’t seen the film yet, but it sounds extraordinary. It’s from the guy who made The Cove, which is very good. In this film, photographer James Balog heads to Greenland to photograph melting glaciers. He realises he is capturing historic moments as the landscape changes in dramatic ways, and he decides to document the ice melt with time lapse cameras.

It’s one of the more ambitious photography projects you’ll come across, and an important one too. Glacier retreat is one of the most obvious and unarguable forms of evidence of our warming planet, and Balog has created some memorable images here.

Look up the film here to see where it’s showing, and here’s the trailer:

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