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Help stop UK arms exports to Madagascar

Last week I wrote about arms sales to Madagascar, which is finally getting a little attention – but it needs a lot more attention if anything is going to change. If you haven’t heard the details of the story, look up this article on TanaNews or my article on the Campaign Against the Arms Trade blog. But don’t stop there. The British government has to licence all arms exports on a case by case basis, so they can block them anytime they like.

Here are some things you can do:

Here are a couple more developments since last week:

Mongabay are reporting on one of the aspects of this issue that I didn’t mention, since my post was long enough. Lemur hunting with guns is becoming increasingly common in Madagascar, and Britain has recently exported hundreds of hunting rifles to Madagascar.

The first article on the subject has appeared in the Malagasy press – hopefully not the last.


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