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If cyclists designed lorries …

Last year I wrote about a proposal for a junction redesigned with cyclists in mind. It was a campaign by the London Cycling Campaign, who today have announced something even more ambitious – a design idea for a Safer Urban Lorry.

The design is a response to the large number of accidents involving cyclists and construction lorries. Despite only accounting for 5% of traffic, construction lorries are involved in half of all fatal cycling accidents in London. This is because the lorries have a large blind spot and drivers are unable to see cyclists alongside them.

The Safer Urban Lorry has a lowered driving position and a much bigger windscreen. Glass panels down the sides improve driver visibility, and sideguards prevent cyclists from falling under the wheels if they were struck by the vehicle. These are all reasonable suggestions from LCC, since they’re already adopted by refuse trucks. Bin lorries are designed with driver visibility in mind, because the driver will have colleagues working alongside. You can compare the proposed design to a traditional construction lorry in this side by side video.

LCC are calling on the construction industry to consider their ideas and develop a safer vehicle for use on London’s streets. It would be another step in the city’s cycling revolution, and another obstacle removed in encouraging people to use the most sustainable form of transport ever invented.

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