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Energy reality

The latest project from the PostCarbon Institute is to encourage ‘energy literacy’ in America. It takes a highly visual approach, using photos of the reality of our energy systems alongside essays on the fundamental choices we face over our energy. Ours is an era of ‘extreme energy’ they argue, and the photos clearly demonstrate the vast scale and violent nature of it.

As campaigns go, it’s an interesting one. It’s striking but not shouty, it’s got real depth and it assumes you’re ready to think about things for yourself. There are no attention-seeking gimmicks or stunts. It’s intelligent. Whether that makes it more or less effective, I don’t know. I suppose it depends on the audience. I certainly like it.

Here’s an introductory slide show. (It’s got a hint of Edward Burtynsky about it, if you’re familiar with his work.) Visit the Energy Reality website for more.


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