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Carbon Omissions – the CO2 we’re not counting

There was an event in London last night that I’d have got along to under normal circumstances*  – the launch of Carbon Omissions. It’s a project from the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC), whose previous work includes Climate Safety and the advertising report Think of me as Evil?. Both of those were engaging and thought provoking, so I have my eye on what they’re up to.
The aim of Carbon Omissions is to highlight the matter of Britain’s carbon measurements. Since we don’t count the carbon emissions of our imports, we can say that emissions have fallen and we have exceeded our Kyoto targets. In reality, we’ve just off-shored our emissions to China and other countries that make things for us. Factor in the total emissions that Britain is responsible for, and they’re still rising. And that means that if we’re to get serious about reducing our atmospheric pollution, we need to talk about consumption.
Here’s the video, and visit the Carbon Omissions website for more details.

*My wife is at due date +1 and I’m not allowed anywhere. Posts are usually scheduled, but if the blog suddenly goes quiet for a few days, that’s the reason why.


  1. That’s a great video. In my university seminars about climate change people sometimes point to China as the major contemporary culprit. I had a large suspicion that was nonsense because China manufactures loads of stuff that we buy… But now I’ll be able to make a more reasoned argument!

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