What we learned this week


    1. Interesting, thanks. I’ve read a couple. The main problem is that Worstall is an extremist and therefore has Chang pegged as an anti-capitalist. He isn’t. As Chang puts it, “being critical of free-market ideology is not the same as being against capitalism”.

      As a free market ideologue, that point is lost on Worstall.

      1. Always risky labelling others ideologues for fear of a black kettle.

        The general point Worstall makes is that markets are more important than the capitalism part – though they work best together. You should read a bit more of Tim’s work. He have a interest in the environmental side. Have you read his book “Chasing Rainbows”?

        1. I don’t think I’m misusing the term ideologue here, he’s clearly a dogmatic believer in the powers of the markets. He says so all the time.

          I’ve heard of his book. I haven’t read it because I don’t like his sneering writing style. I know his readers love him for being rude and confrontational, but I just find it unpleasant. A blog post is about as much Worstall as I care to read in one sitting.

          1. Its a shame you haven’t read it. It would give you a different perspective. Most of the books you refer to here are from a very similar viewpoint and a monoculture never is a good thing.

  1. I’m up for a different perspective. As I say, it’s mainly a style issue. I have little patience for writers who are obnoxious about people who disagree with them, whichever side of the debate they might be on.

    By the way, have you read Ha Joon Chang’s book itself, or just Worstall’s critique of it?

    1. I have read Chang’s book. I felt he was often setting up straw men only to knock them down, while missing the point. It isn’t a shock free markets aren’t totally free, but that doesn’t mean you should just regulate them with abandon.

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