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The power of just doing stuff

I’ve just started reading Rob Hopkins’ new book, The Power of Just Doing Stuff. I’ll review it next week, but I thought I’d mention it and post the video. The book is kind of a pep talk for just getting on with it, and it reminds me of John Paul Flintoff’s book How to Change the World.

There’s a lot to be said for just getting on with it. It’s the solution to the powerlessness we might feel as, for example, the government guts renewable energy policy to satisfy its backbenchers. Let’s do it ourselves then, with community windfarms, crowd-sourced alternative energy, and solar clubs. Just getting on with it is the solution to feeling overwhelmed at the scale of the task, when we read that we’ve crossed the symbolic 400 parts per million of CO2, and that Britain’s emissions rose by 3.8% in 2012.

Most importantly, it’s how change happens, and it’s happening already.

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  1. Well I dig the title of the book already! Simple & to the point..Love the concept of what you’ve described of it..Going to see if I can get hold of it also(if I do I’ll review it & we can compare notes) Thanks for sharing ..

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