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Explaining the circular economy with Lego

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation recently ran a competition for schools, challenging them to come up with a way to explain the idea to their peers. This animation from Archbishop Holgate School in York is the winner, and a fine introduction it is too.

Bonus points for using Lego of course.


  1. That is how it used to be with railway trains. They were dismantled into components which were then serviced or remanufactured, and then reassembled on a production line.

    1. entirely sensible. I suppose that’s much harder to do when companies are ordering different rolling stock from competing engineering firms across the world.

  2. Repairing and recycling also needs non renewable resources. Also without making new stuff all the time will decrease incomes and employment- when will this be welcomed? Probably only when catastrophe is imminent, a little too late.

    1. There are two sides to this when it comes to jobs – fewer jobs making things perhaps, but more jobs repairing and recycling things.

      Yes, non renewable resources would be needed too, in some cases.

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