What we learned this week

  • A while back I supported the WakaWaka solar light and charger on Kickstarter. It’s arrived and it’s become one of my most useful gadgets. You can get one here.
  • I’ve done plenty of radio, but this week I got my first blog-related TV opportunity. If you happened to be watching Sky News on Thursday morning, you’d have caught me talking about advertising and public space, in response to the Art Everywhere campaign.


  1. I love that WakaWaka. I have solar on my house and for some months we generate all of our own electricity and get paid for what we put on the grid. Having this mobile device would be great for camping or going to remote locations for races and having light and e able to charge cell phones.
    I might buy one.

    1. I’d really recommend it. I’ve had solar chargers before and they’ve always been so slow and inefficient that they were practically useless. This really works. I use mine every day, but it would come into its own when camping.

      1. I just launched a new business selling finisher’s medal dispay frames to runners. My first event had me out side in the dark, One of these lights would have been a big help.

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