What we learned this week

  • Thoughtful piece on how the US has never had to face up to its historical sins the way Germany has, and why Tarantino’s films may be smarter than you thought.


  1. Are you suggesting we hand the Falklands and Gibraltar over to Argentina and Spain against the wishes of their inhabitants?

    1. If you read my one sentence on the matter again, I think you’ll find recommending an article, not a solution for one of Britain’s thornier foreign policy dillemmas.

      1. If you recommend an article it is not unreasonable to think you support the conclusions of the writer. I mearly ask if you do.

        1. If I’m advocating a particular view, I’ll say so. I appreciated Jenkins’ article because it is putting forward a point of view that is largely absent in the current media discussion. He also draws a comparison with Hong Kong that I hadn’t come across before.

          To be honest, I have no idea what we ought to do about those places.

          1. That’s all I was asking so I didn’t understand the attitude. If you entitle a column ‘ What we learned this week’ then the implication is these are facts. Perhaps rather than spending so much time rubbishing the Express at journalism school they should teach clarity of language.

  2. You’ve been reading the blog for long enough to know that this weekly links roundup, Devonchap. I’ve got to call it something.

    And journalism school didn’t pick on the Express, that’s just me. They almost never singled out specific papers – journalism graduates have got to take jobs wherever they come up, after all.

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