What we learned this week

  • Some good news on biofuels: in response to rising food prices, the EU has voted to cap the use of biofuels at 6% of transport fuel use, replacing the previous target of 10%.
  • Every week I turn down a dozen or so marketing offers for advertising on this site. This week’s finest was this one: “My name is …………. and I do lots of work promoting the best bingo sites in the UK. I recently found your website makewealthhistory.org listed on Google, and I’m happy to say that it meets all of my requirements.” Yep, the online bingo community can’t get enough of this site.


    1. I think ‘make’ and ‘wealth’ in the title are about as far as the ad guys read, judging by the percentage of ad offers that are get-rich-quick schemes and financial advice.

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