What we learned this week

  • Norway has a ‘Slow TV’ fad going on. Programmes have included 8 hours of a fire burning and a 10 hour train journey. Fans can look forward to National Knitting Night next month, featuring live knitting.
  • I haven’t paid the Snowden files a great deal of attention, but John Lanchester’s piece on them is very good. Among the more eye catching things in the article is the fact that an agent of the state can access your phone, mobile, credit card numbers, email or website logins in a couple of clicks – but they do have to select a justification under the Human Rights act from a drop-down menu before they do.
  • James Delingpole’s new book is called Watermelons: How environmentalists are killing the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your children’s future. Mark Lynas bravely attempts a review.

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