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We can afford to end poverty

I wrote about Giving What We Can a couple of years ago, but they got in touch today and I thought I’d mention them again. Giving What We Can is a network of people who have pledged to give away 10% of their incomes to the charities making the biggest difference. The website has details about which charities you might want to consider, and points out that where you give is as important as how much you give. A small sum to the right cause and a responsible and effective charity can be far more beneficial than a large donation elsewhere.

One of the great things about Giving What We Can is that they demonstrate how affordable it really is to end poverty. It’s not impossible, and it doesn’t rely on UN agreements and coaxing money out of governments. We could fund it ourselves, as ordinary people, if we understood how much change our donations could buy:

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  1. Of course poverty can be ended, but “we” are not going to do it. The cause is maldistribution of wealth. If it was not maldistributed then everyone would have enough. Those who do not are normally excluded from the means of production and so have nothing to bring to the market place, or the product of their labour is creamed off in rents.

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