What we learned this week

  • The case for de-extinction. A fascinating debate. Though if we’re going to bring back extinct animals, I vote for the dodo first. They were legendarily good eating…


  1. Thanks for another splendid link. I would like to add as the 101 thinker of 2013 Paul Kingsnorth, whoasks the question: when we know the world is being destroyed and nothing can be done to halt it, what can we do? A pretty important question would you not agree? His answer may not suit our undying penchant for optimism, however.
    See his masterly critique of neo-environmentalism at this link:


    1. I’ve read a bit of Paul Kingsnorth’s dark ecology stuff. I share some common ground with him, in that I see a slow-motion civilisational collapse too, and I am also wary of the neo-environmental perspective. My main problem with his view is that it deals almost exclusively with the environment and not with social problems. If the whole world was overconsuming, then his philosophy of prophetic withdrawal and building alternatives would be fine. But it’s not. Millions still lack the very basics of clean water and food security, let alone electricity and modern medicine. I don’t know how those positives of modern civilisation can be shared from a place of radical simplicity.

      So, I’m inclined to keep working for justice within the system for now, but I respect those who choose to place themselves outside it.

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