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Temperature records on Google Earth

CRU-googleearthThis month global temperature records were added to Google Earth, making climate change data easy to view for anyone with an interest. The dataset used is land surface air temperature dataset CRUTEM4, from the University of East Anglia. It is publicly available already, but browsing it through Google Earth is much more user-friendly and interactive.

The dataset records temperature changes from 6,000 weather stations around the world. These are mapped and users can click to view the results, some going back as far as 1850. Clicking on a geographical area displays a graph of its annual temperatures, and the specific data for that weather station can be downloaded.

CRUTEM4 is not the first set of temperature records to be added Google Earth, but it all adds to the overall picture. The more accessible and transparent the data is, the harder it is for anyone to make false claims about the climate, whichever side of the debate they may be on.


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