What we learned this week

  • “Oil and gas revenues account for over half of Russian budget receipts, but it now takes world oil prices of around $110–115 per barrel to balance the budget, compared to $20 per barrel in 2005” – one of many interesting points on Russia and the Crimea in this piece from Foreign Affairs.



    10 banks hold 80%0f deposits

    2 firms distribute 90% of beer

    Banks hold more equity in homes than occupants

    10 firms hold 90% of health insurance policies

    A youngster goes to prison for holding five grams of pot but not for holding a six pack of intoxicating beer

    The majority of prisoners are there for non-violent crimes

    58M get Social Security—8.1M are on SS disability

    400 have more wealth than 90%

    What can the public do?

    Increase Minimum Wage to $10.10—50% tax on income over 1m and 70% om top one tenth of one percent—Estate Tax –Repeal Bush Tax Cut—Repeal Obama Payroll Tax-Tariff tax on products made by overseas American plants

    Clarence Swinney calls it horrible

  2. On central banks, and David Greaber(a favorite since his last book)… Monetizing in a quantitative way means taking all the physical resources, the molecules of the planet and add a denomer to it. This is rather more viable then ever, a different layer of theory than anything like today and / or yesterday(gold). The problem is the value adding, this can only be done in correlation with a value system, that in itself can be, must be tilled by technology, science, politics, …quality denomers embedded in the systemic concepts humanity might have. Then if the system is not universal a context, serious black holes might still happen, hence improvement of the primal situations of today, crisises and inequality, religious fatalism of ‘things’ capitalism.

    The quantifying part is highly tricky, the quality of desire needed to tribute value to the best of technological knowledge, science, planetary context and generational time lenghts’ is beyond human potential probably. The breakdown of the process in bites is by concept impossible, evolution tanks in how to conceive, theorise such a turn-around.

    A work-around(playfully), give up quantifying all-together. Attend quality first, by reducing the distortion between humanity(too big, too ugly) to larger reality, by reducing the problem in attending the cause, we, as in our correlation to anything of value not to us, but in the larger view of to the planet as a whole.

    m.openairproperties.com … some more on the issue of book-keeping the world, economics, religion or science?

  3. Never did anything somebody else could not do better, then never met Superman either. It is the quality of the network Barry, that the special situation of today requires, our potential, as individuals(the universal genius is most unlikely to arise in systemics that cater to more is better), the universal genius is not. Being it the network of potential reinforcing the drive and dynamics to a turn-around, is the better guess possible, though not probable.

    Here arises the matter of reviewing our peer system, ever thought about how references arise? Yes peers, conventional in every vein, highly vulnerable because of the need for financing and yes subsistence and on the other end bloated egos, rock-star intellectuals. The suffocation of any parallel potential rich network(see Swartz, Mannings, Assange, Snowden, Hedges, yours generation), is systematically practiced. The education system brings us sophisticated power structures of ignorance, loyalty to the hand that knights rather then catering to truth. Ethics lost is garanteed if the better minds of our society do not have a chance at free reign.

    If you do have a moral side, are willing to consider ethics, also then be prepared to being nerdy, weird, ignored and written of as spaced. Do not count on financing your work, and be never referenced by ‘peers’ within the systemics of society. It is a philosophical matter long lived(Socrates), ever abused. Again, and not to promote my paper since it is available for free, but the phenomenon is touched upon within.

    What fashionable business-schools call ‘helicopter view’ is a profession, a skill, a talent that is particularily in need today, not to improve caduc economics, but to open up a comprehensible explanation of larger reality. The human processors apt to this kind of multi-disciplinary thinking need a particular quality of environment: independent financing, so they can persue their work, in the long run, independently, not within the church of peers.

    The understanding of your meaningfull remark() to some is this: who are you m.? The return question then could sound: your body of references, how good is it? because that is the tool you use to judge. The concepts/issues submitted in my book, when read and then referenced to my remarks in some comments should give a certain coherence to my remarks as not grasped out of thin air. Then, if a conventional report of a conventional organisation, with a background of pleasing to the power elites and suggestive, preponderd announcements to further the cause of green capitalism is that explicit(IPCC, the full report on March 2014), then layered on top of the previous, some meaning might dissolve and further your proper understanding. At the other extreme you could discard me anywhere in the process and never look back.

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