Let’s hear it for soil

Soil is one of the most unappreciated of the earth’s resources. We use it epitomise lack of value – if your name is mud, for example, or if you are dirt poor. Because we don’t think about it or value it, we don’t look after soil. Because we don’t look after it, over-grazing and over-tilling it, we are losing it at a speed of 24 billion tonnes a year.

It takes 2,000 years to lay down a ten centimeter thick layer of soil under normal conditions, so we really ought to treat soil as a finite resource. Here’s a neat video on the subject, which happens to be a cut above your average campaign animation as well as on an overlooked environmental topic.

For more, see Global Soil Week.



    In 2011 he looked weak on Debt Ceiling increase and was “forced” to sign onto long term budget cuts in the “sequester” plus GOP buoyed from 2010 victories and insurrection in the Tea Party.

    He won re-election and now shows some bravery. Obamacare is on the move and the budget battles are less furious. He is fighting with guts on Medicare revisions. It is time he stood up to he Repub obstructions.

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