What we learned this week


  1. The big mistake Thomas Clark makes in suggesting that UKIP voters should vote Green because they support rail re-nationalisation is that he misses the fact they are also deeply illiberal on social issues where the Greens are very liberal, such as immigration. Also he fudges the fact they UKIP voters want out of the EU and a referendum is the means to do so, not that they want a referendum and then vote to stay (in effect the Green’s policy).

    Lots of voters are illberal both economically and socially. Its just that it doesn’t make a very coherent platform. Not voters problem. They can think what they like, it doesn’t have to make sense. Yay democracy!

    1. His appeal is to left-leaning UKIP voters, so he hasn’t missed the fact that many UKIP voters are socially illiberal. But I take your point on voters not having to have a coherent set of opinions.

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