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The world’s actual fossil fuel use

When dealing with fossil fuels or carbon emissions, there are a lot of big numbers involved. The world burns 22 million metric tonnes of coal every day, and 92 million barrels of oil. Those aren’t easily grasped, and Carbon Visuals are here to help. (I’ve mentioned them before, most recently for their innovation work on ‘the carbon in the room’) Joining in the rush of climate related campaigns this week, they’ve just released a video that portrays the world’s fossil fuel use.

I particularly like the image of the coal pile heaped up next to the UN building. This is the amount of coal we get through every day.


The clip above is from a longer video commissioned by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and it’s a call for Carbon Capture and Storage. It’s worth watching the whole thing, with a pinch of salt for the final 30 seconds. Yes, CCS will hopefully be part of the solution, but it isn’t the solution. Until proven, we have to assume that the daily coal mountain will need to be left in the ground.

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