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Innovative advertising or attentional hijacking?

Here’s a novel advertising campaign that won a Golden Lion award at Cannes a couple of years ago that my friend at DFY Links sent me on FB the other day. I’ll let the company explain it in their own terms:

How you feel about this campaign may well depend on how much you like Dunkin Donuts, but it’s an interesting one. As far as the marketing company and the Cannes jury are concerned, it’s a clever idea that combines convenience, brand awareness and ambient media to deliver a perfect customer experience. To others, it looks like a multi-sensory attentional hijacking.

The Seoul Dunkin Donuts campaign gets a mention in Matthew Crawford’s book The World Beyond Your Head, as an example of how pervasive advertising can become. Here he is talking about it, describing how the commercialisation of public space forces us in on ourselves, limiting possibilities for human interaction.

If you’ve got a bit longer, that’s an excerpt of Crawford’s full RSA lecture, which is available here.

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