Four ways to support this blog

In the seven years I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve had a few general rules that I’ve stuck to. I don’t write about the blog stats, and I don’t accept advertising. And since the blog is a gift, I don’t ask for things.

Those rules were easier to keep when I started. They didn’t cost me anything, because I had a full time job and nobody read what I was writing anyway. Today I find myself in the strange position of being a freelancer who turns down free money every week in the form of sponsored posts and paid links.

So just this once, and in response to a couple of recent emails, here are four ways you can support the blog:

Re-publish – everything I write on the blog is published under a Creative Commons license, which means you’re welcome to reproduce it wherever you like. It’s always great to see things reappear in magazines, campaigns or other blogs.

Share – there are a bunch of sharing buttons at the bottom of each post. If you like something, pass it on – and thanks to all those that share posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Donate – it hadn’t occurred to me to have a donate button on the blog, but two people asked for one in the same week recently. I added one and it has been used. Who’d have thought?

Hire me – if you like what I do, get in touch and I can write for you. I work for small businesses, creative agencies and all sorts, but I’d always prefer to be working on sustainability, climate change, development and consumerism.



  1. > Howdy Jeremy > I get a great deal from your blog posts and the topics that you cover. I too am passionate about a better world and was so happy to receive this latest newsletter as I have made mention of yourself and your writings in my own work and would like to include more. Do you do editing work? and if so what sort and what are your fee’s. Im in Australia – and am nearing the end of a manuscript – I have been working on. It will be coffee book in styling with beautiful images of my work throughout. However I would place it in artist genre – I call it a whole person book because i interweave stories about the crafting process and mental health through the lens of a reluctant participant in the fashion industry and from a intellectual and holistic perspective as well as from the sensual aspects of my art. The written sections are broken into 4 parts. > > 1.A concept for using social entrepreneurial business to create ethical workshops in the developing world – titled the Lionheart Project. This has 3 sub sections. > > 2. following on from this is a section on Ethical Character with 5 subheadings dealing with the various elements of running an ethical fashion label i.e. Ethical Design (4 parts in itself including The Circular Economy) Ethical Marketing and PR, Ethical Consumption & Investment, Body Image, the Catwalk and the Misrespesentation of Women & finally Ethical Retailing. > > 3. Various essays – around being creative, some poetical – these may be placed throughout and a section on Imagemaking – how I take photographs, about altering images and the photographic process and short stories about the women I have photographed. > > 4. Three essays in total “Business in the New Millennium” “What is Wealth” and “New Paradigm Living” This section contains three pieces that deal with the fundamental changes we need to make to our business institutions, in our style of living and in the stories we live by. This is about a paradigm change in the business world and by association the fashion industry that requires our full considered support, This challenges the business world in general and the consumer culture it seeks to maintain. > > There is a little more about the Lionheart Project on http://www.mirandagreen.net/community/thelionheartproject/ and a few other pages around there also. I haven’t worked on this website for quite a long time but the writing and images are all mine nevertheless. > Keep doing what you are doing Jeremy – there are some fantastic things happening in Britain at the moment. > with my sincere regard > Miranda Green > this will be the last book that I focus on the fashion industry – the next book projects will be memoir based and non fiction titles that focus on visions for a better world.

    Begin forwarded message:

    > From: Miranda Green > Subject: Hi Jeremy from Australia > Date: 19 August 2015 8:33:37 PM AWST > To: “Make Wealth History” > Cc: “greengirl358@gmail.com” > >

  2. If I ever have work again I will donate. Writers like you are worthwhile and as a fellow-writer I know it is real (and sometimes agonising) labour.

    Meanwhile thanks for the gift of your writing and please keep doing it.

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