How Costa Rica is going carbon neutral

I’ve expressed my admiration for Costa Rica before, and their ambition to be the world’s first carbon neutral country. They’re making good progress towards that on the electricity front, if not every other sector. At 94% renewable energy, the country is streets ahead of us in Britain.

“Use us as an experiment” says one contributor to this short video on the subject, and that’s exactly why it’s worth keeping an eye on targets like Costa Rica’s.


  1. Very pleased that this is happening. A small country like Costa Rica is showing us all the way. I hope that we can all follow suit and save our beautiful home – planet Earth – before it is too late.

  2. Yes I remember you first post! Great to have a catch up thanks. I just wish our government would take a leaf out of Costa Rica’s book. The UK is cutting subsidies for renewable energy, and are moving in the opposite direction. With Corbyn being elected as Labour leader thinks might just improve, we live in hope !

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