What we learned this week

  • For anyone keeping count, that’s nine key environmental policies killed off by the Conservative government so far. Is this the least green government for 30 years?
  • Crowdfunding project of the week: the Simpler Way documentary from the Simplicity Institute, which will hopefully bring their thoughtful perspective to a wider audience.



  1. The Conservative seem to have one agenda and that is make more for their corporate friends. I really hope the election of Corbyn will given them on opposition. They have the media on their side (well main stream), which it appears can justify anything. Hard times ahead but sustainability and equality will prosper in the end 🙂

    1. The Conservatives’ priorities have been very clear and consistent. It’s the first point on energy in the manifesto, and in every statement Amber Rudd has made since: “keep your bills as low as possible”

      They’re doing that in a populist and short-term fashion, because ultimately it’s renewable energy that will be cheapest, not gas or nuclear. But I don’t see a corporate conspiracy here. They are unfortunately only doing what we voted for.

      Hopefully, as you say, we may have a more robust opposition emerging. At the moment nobody is calling them on this stuff.

      1. I agree, but they did make out there were going to be Green, which i saw as green washing but unfortunately many didn’t. I had to say I believe there is money in it for them. I do however feel a resistance is growing, with companies like Good Energy. I just wish the was a movement towards the alternative rather than draining all the last dregs. Some countries are beginning to move towards renewable more and more, the seed is planted now. I just hope Corbyn will have some degree of challenge that might initiate the UK’s move towards renewable energies.

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