What we learned this week

  • In September some of Britain’s most pioneering eco-homes open to the public as part of the Superhomes scheme. You have to book in advance, and bookings for September’s event opened this week.
  • And finally, thank you to everyone who shared my recent post on Brexit and the grieving process. It seemed to strike a chord, and has been shared over 4,000 times on Facebook in the last couple of weeks.



  1. The helium discovery show why the Club of Rome Peak everything idea is flawed. This is the first time helium has been intentionally been found. Until now it wasn’t worth looking for, once it becomes so worth looking scientifically we find more. The profit motive is such a powerful instrument. It seems to have done for Peak Oil.

    One thing to remember is that the helium in party balloons is too dirty to use for medical purposes

      1. But it can find replacements and alternatives. It says much that Peak Oilers have been quiet for 4 years.

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