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Look up! Mapping Britain’s solar rooftop capacity

There was a rather strange day in July where I popped out to get some milk from the corner shop, and found people blundering round in the street giggling in their pjyamas. Even in Luton, this was odd. If nothing else, it was the girls from the student household a couple of doors down, who are not normally seen out and about at 7:30 in the morning. I thought they might have locked themselves out of their house, and stopped to ask if they were okay. And that is how I found out about Pokemon Go.

I haven’t joined in with that particular craze, but here’s another opportunity to get out in the street finding things, and this one I have taken part in. Look up! is a new app from 10:10, and it’s billed as a ‘solar treasure hunt’. You download the app, and then look for roofs that could be fitted with solar panels. Take a picture, log it on the map, and build up your total kilowatts on the leaderboard.

There are prizes for the three people who have mapped most solar potential by the 30th of October. I intend to be among those three, by the way. I have the industrial estates of Luton to help me, and the hangars at the airport. See if you can catch me.


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