What we learned this week

  • I wasn’t planning to enter the UK Blog Awards this year, but I’ve had a string of notification emails this week from readers nominating the blog. So you’ve changed my mind. Thanks for the support, and I will let you know when it’s time for the public vote.
  • I went to the SolarAid launch party in London, so it’s nice to see them reach the ten year mark. I can’t quite agree with the notion that “with a solar light, everything changes”, but I do agree that they are a great first step towards full energy access.


    1. Sure, this isn’t a new idea as far as technologies go, but there was neither the internet nor a national grid in 1914, so this is different.

      Specifically, earlier experiments were about carrying telephone signals down electric wiring. This is about data on a grid, which is trickier. Electricity jumps an air gap at sub-stations, which means there isn’t a continuous wired connection across the grid. That thwarts normal wired communications, and makes this a bit of a breakthrough.

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